Creamy Cashew + Turmeric Ginger Chai Spiced Smoothie

This is quickly becoming a winter favorite smoothie for its creamy texture and calorie dense meal quality. Also perfect after a workout. Ingredients makes 2 servings, or one big enough for a meal replacement. 2 cups almond milk, coconut water (or favorite non dairy milk) One banana 1/4-1/2 Cup raw cashews (depending on preferred creaminess) … Continue reading Creamy Cashew + Turmeric Ginger Chai Spiced Smoothie

Spicy Cacao-Cayenne Winter Smoothie

This is a variation on the Coconut-Banana-Sunflower Smoothie with raw cacao and warming spices. Ingredients: 2 cups non dairy milk 1 TBSP raw or sprouted sunflower seeds or sunflower seed butter 1 TBSP unsweetened shredded coconut 1/2 TBSP ground flax meal 1/2 TBSP chia seeds 1-2 dates 1 banana 1 TBSP raw cacao powder 1/2 tsp … Continue reading Spicy Cacao-Cayenne Winter Smoothie

Vanilla Coconut-Chia Cream

I made a really tasty "cream" this weekend for adding to cereal or smoothies or on fruit for dessert. It's super simple and tasty. Keep refrigerated after making and consume with 3-5 days. Ingredients: 1 TBSP shredded unsweetened coconut 1 TBSP chia seeds 1 TBSP sprouted or raw sunflower seeds 2dates 1 tsp vanilla extract … Continue reading Vanilla Coconut-Chia Cream

Strawberry-Chocolate-Ginger-Cinnamon Smoothie

This one sounds like a complete mess, but it's definitely one of my all time favorites. The cinnamon and ginger give a little fire to to this cold refreshing smoothie. Perfect for anytime of the day and great for a recovery smoothie with added protein. Ingredients: makes 2 servings 2 cups of water, coconut water … Continue reading Strawberry-Chocolate-Ginger-Cinnamon Smoothie