The Vegan Delicious promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle through bicycle commuting, vegetarianism/veganism, organic-local foods and products, recycling, composting and supporting local business.

I hope this blog encourages people to try new things and explore new animal-free food options for a healthier lifestyle and planet.  Many of my recipes also are gluten-free or have gluten-free variations for those with Celiac disease or allergies or just looking to take a break from gluten. I am also make most recipes nut-free.

I work full time as a professional massage therapist in private practice in Arlington, MA having graduated form The Muscular Therapy Institute in 1998. I hold a MA State license, National Certification and Professional Membership to the AMTA. I specialize in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Prenatal Massage, Thai Yoga Massage and Orthopedic Massage techniques. I have worked with many amateur and professional athletes, injury and illness rehabilitation and individuals with chronic stress, tension or pain and women in all stages of pregnancy.

In addition to bodywork, I also teach yoga locally and in private sessions. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training through Boston Yoga School in 2014, Yin Yoga teacher training with Josh Summers in 2012 and Prenatal Yoga training with Barrett Reinhorn in 2015.

When not cooking, doing bodywork + yoga, I can be found on my bike. I have been a Professional cyclist competing Internationally in cyclocross since 2003, member of the USA National Team at the World Championships in 2006 and 2010 and competed in 16 World Cup races. I currently hold the title for the USA Single Speed National Champion and Single Speed World Champion.

I want to create delicious vegan food that is more than merely fuel for the body but also an experience to savor as well as showing that eating a well-balanced vegan diet can be part of a strong, healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

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  1. Jimbo Airgood says:

    What type of light suppers do you recommend now that summer is here and I’d rather be riding my bike than in a hot kitchen

    1. meaux says:

      Hey Jim,
      As the granddaughter of an Italian Nana, we always use the stove top or oven year round to make whole meals, no matter how hot it gets! I do eat a lot of fresh salads in the summer and only cook up a protein on the stovetop (tofu, tempeh or seitan) however, you can eat tofu raw as well.
      I’ll be posting some salads up soon.

  2. amber says:

    Do you have a recipe book?

    1. meaux says:

      no recipe book, just this blog. i reference several books in my recipes that i recommend!

  3. William A. Homan says:

    I am a vegan and a avid cyclist (100 + miles per week) this year we are doing some agressive Mountain races ending with a 7day 500 mile Alps ride in Switzerland. what do you recommend for food to keep the energy level up for these 7 and 8 hour hill rides….

  4. c says:

    Thank you for the recipes. Photos, please! ;p

  5. Jody and Ken says:

    Hi, Mo–
    FYI, I tried signing up to follow you, but after clicking the CONFIRM FOLLOW button in the email I received, I was taken to the Blogs I Follow page on my own site, and an error message popped up: “Your subscription could not be activated, it may have expired.” The follow button on your blog won’t let me try again. Any suggestions? Thanks. Ken Rivard

    1. meaux says:

      I’ll look into this and try to see if I can get it working. Thanks!

  6. Julie says:

    Do you have a non dairy tzatzki recipe? Also snacks in general, I am looking for things to make for the kids that they can grab and go!

    1. meaux says:

      Here is a recipe from Minimalist Baker (also check out her amazing blog and cookbook) https://minimalistbaker.com/6-ingredient-vegan-tzatziki/ I don’t love coconut yogurt so I would try this recipe with Kite Hill plain, unsweetened almond yogurt. Homemade cashew yogurt (recipe on my blog) may also work! As for snacks, I don’t tend to make many other than fresh raw fruits and veg. Anything specific the kids would like? Breakfast on the go? After sport snacks? Thx!

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