healthier snacking: oatmeal peanut butter balls

I like a good snack just as much as anyone, but I’d rather not feel guilty about it later and would actually prefer if there were some healthy benefits to my snacking. These little treats can be made with all sorts of variations to make your body and mind agree that snacks are good for you!


1 cup oatmeal ( I use Bob’s Red Mill extra thick rolled oats)

2 rounded Tbsp peanut butter

2Tbsp Brown rice syrup

Yup, that’s it! Mix ingredients together in a big bowl and spoon out golf ball sized scoops into your hand. Press the mixture firmly and then roll into a ball. Great for lunch boxes, breakfast on the go or dessert!


GLUTEN -FREE, some GF folks do not eats oats even if they are certified GF free, so I replace the oats with puffed rice cereal. The puffed rice gets a little soft, so I add 1/4 cup more to the mixture.

Other variations:

Use other nut butters-almond, soy, cashew

Add some puffed rice with the oatmeal

Add raisins, dried cranberries, other dried fruit, nuts or seeds ( add a little more nut butter and brown rice syrup if it gets too dry)


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    These turned out great. Maggie (3 yo) loved mixing them and making the balls. . .’getting all mucky’.

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