simple seitan

Crispy, spicy and super simple. Can be made with frozen veggies all winter and then bring on the fresh veggies all summer!

GF variation: use tofu in place of seitan


1 package of seitan, diced into bite sized pieces (homemade recipe coming soon)

2 Tbsp canola oil

1-2 tsp Penzey’s Northwoods Fire spice (or another fire-y spice blend)

1/2 cup frozen peas or shelled edamamme

1/2 cup frozen corn

OR 1/2 cup diced sweet potato


Heat oil in a heavy saucepan and add the seitan and pan fry until brown and crispy.

Add the spices and veggies and stir thoroughly.

Lower heat to simmer and cover the pan to steam the frozen veggies 2-3 min

Summer variation: use diced asparagus, leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, almost anything at the local farmers market!


I usually just eat this on its own as dinner or lunch, but if you need a bit more sustenance, serve over brown rice or brown rice pasta (or carb of your choice)

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