The vegan alternative: tempeh “tuna” salad

I've never really liked the sound of "tuna salad" but I did like to eat it ocassionally.  Gross.  Ground up fish with mayo?  I think tuna and salad should be in 2 very different places.  However, for lack of a btter description, here's my vegan alternative to the sandwich classic; tempeh salad. * gluten free … Continue reading The vegan alternative: tempeh “tuna” salad

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've been testing out various vegan chocolate chip cookie recipes in search of a vegan version the Classic Tollhouse Recipe. These are a dead ringer and could trick any non-vegan. Just like the classic recipe, these aren't healthy just because they're vegan, so save these for a special treat, party or a well deserved sugar … Continue reading Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies